The Multitouch table formerly known as Surface

by Sottje 27. August 2012 22:28
Surface is now know as Microsoft PixelSense. Is application development good for business? Should we create custom applications for larger companies or a content management system for the smaller? Tables are getting more interesting for consumers as well! [More]

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Give us more of the Millenium Falcon

by Sottje 21. November 2011 05:45
I was only 9 years old when I saw Star Wars in the theatre for the first time. An epic space adventure with a farm boy, a princess, a scoundrel and a real bad guy. However, there was one character that really took my breath away. Well, not really a character. The Millennium Falcon. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. [More]

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Datepicker Watermark

by Sottje 1. April 2010 07:10
On my current project, we make use of the WPF Toolkit. One of the things we use is the Datepicker. A nice usefull control. We wanted to set the watermark, but the control doesn't support setting the watermark with a public property and we didn't want to go into the control's source itself.
On Codeplex, we found a forum topic with a solution (thnx Spud). Derive from the Datepicker control and override the OnRender method. This works and sets the watermark correctly.

But after a date is selected, the value was cleared and the control loses the focus, the default watermark returns again. I fixed this by using the LostFocus event on the textbox. [More]

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WPF autocomplete textbox/combobox

by Sottje 28. February 2010 18:38

You know these nice ajax/javascript textboxes where you start typing somes text and the website looks up the data in the database and returns a list of items starting with the text.

There is no default control for this in WPF as well. So, time to build one.


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Const versus Readonly

by Sottje 22. February 2010 21:43
Developers often make use of constants to hold static values to use through the class or even through the application.Sometimes we use de const and sometimes the static readonly. They seem to do the same but aware of the differences. ConstThe const field is a defined and evaluated at compile time a... [More]

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Preserve user settings upon installation

by Sottje 21. February 2010 20:00
When a new version of your application is deployed, you need to make sure that the user settings are preserved. The best way of doing this is to make use of a boolean setting "IsFirstTime" with a initial value of 'True' which is checked at the startup of your application. // Check if it is the firs... [More]

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